Why I Say What I Say

Knowing oneself is difficult. Some understand themselves in the span of their lifetime; some remain totally clueless even at the end, and some seem to be able to unravel their mysterious persona easily. I am still figuring mine.

People say, I was a pampered and overly protected child, that things came to me easily. I say, even today nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is that, after years and years of chasing their dream, now my parents have finally allowed me to follow mine.

People say, I am very patient and naive which is why people take me for granted. I say, my patience is mistaken as my weakness. The only reason why I am patient is because it gives me the strength to ignore the unnecessary and move on with life.

People say, I am very feeble and an absolute delicate darling. I say, never judge a book by its cover. The only people who think I am weak are the ones who have no clue what I have been through.

People say, I am fussy and will not be able to adjust in just any surrounding with ease. I say, my idea of cleanliness is rigid but my idea of adaptability is not. The only thing I ask for is hygiene and safety, or else I wouldn’t be able to survive on bread and onions for one week.

People say, I am shy and quiet. I say, they have not seen me with myself. The only time they would say that is if they don’t know me very closely.

People say, I am rude and mean. That I look down upon people and make them feel like shit. I say, if they consider themselves inferior it is not my problem. The only incident when they would find me rude would be if they have lost their self-respect.

People say, I am paranoid and tensed. I stress my mind too much pointlessly. I say, it is my aim and desire to achieve perfection. The only cause for this desire would probably be my mother’s genes.

People say, I am reserved and aloof. I live in my dreamland where everything is very perfect and rosy. I say, you get what you dream. The only life you have is one that you dream.

People say, I need to be more understanding. I say, I am a girl. The only people I need to understand are everyone and the only person who understands me is I.

People say, I say many things that are not true. I say, what they say is true. The only person I need to be true to is I, which I do.